Doll Measurements

  • Height : 136cm/4.46ft
  • Bust : 49cm/19.29inch
  • Waist : 60cm/23.62inch
  • Hips : 72cm/28.34inch
  • Weight:23kg/50.70lb
  • Arm Length :41cm/16.14inch
  • Leg Length : 69cm/27.16inch
  • Feet Length : 15cm/5.90inch
  • Shoulder Width :30cm/11.81inch
  • Mouth Depth :13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth :17cm/6.69inch
  • Anal Depth :15cm/5.90inch


Are you still worried about your girlfriend’s storage space? Maybe she’s a little condescending when it comes to things like that. While it’s understandable if a relationship with her means sacrificing a certain amount of personal space, now there’s Lynda, the premium real sex doll to save the day! With her petite, flexible body, this 10-year-old should fit comfortably into any suitcase you take with you on your trip – leaving you more room to pack essentials like clothes and maybe even souvenirs from the places you’ve visited.

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Hakeem

    Hakeem (verified owner)

    Great product, best packaging, right timing, and even added a beautiful bag. . . I am very happy

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  2. Riley


    Good quality

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  3. Aldo


    I am a 68 year old widower, very lonely and am real shy around women, I got the doll, mainly to possess something to carry and kiss and keep me company once I sleep! She is just awesome,! Came in like 3 days, packed great, she looked so real, th wig seems like real hair, smiles! a touch heavy, but what does one expect if you would like realism? I couldnt invite nothing better, smiles!! Ok, after quite every week , WOW!! I dont know hwy some are complaining, this doll is verything and quite what’s advertised, I bought a touch structure and garments , she keeps me company and warm in the dark , smiles! like it such a lot , I bought another doll from an equivalent company, again, awesome, This doll, I pamper and cuddle, the other , well, lets just say she satisfies me in every way, smiles!! Highly recommend these so real world like dolls to everyone, great company made these, thanks!

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  4. Kaison


    The doll is well made and seems sturdy. The doll is well made and seems sturdy.

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  5. Cason

    Cason (verified owner)

    “This is a real good copy of a really nice sexy looking gale. Your products are so real its like she;apos;s come to life thank you very much
    china I really like this doll.”

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  6. Davi Dias Borsatto

    Davi Dias Borsatto


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