Doll Measurements

  • Height : 130cm/4.26ft
  • Bust : 70cm/27.55inch
  • Waist : 59cm/23.22inch
  • Hips : 73cm/28.74inch
  • Weight : 28kg/61.73lb
  • Arm Length : 50cm/19.68inch
  • Leg Length : 55.5cm/21.85inch
  • Feet Length : 18.5cm/7.28inch
  • Shoulder Width :30cm/11.81inch
  • Mouth Depth :13cm/5.11inch
  • Vagina Depth :14.5cm/5.70inch
  • Anal Depth :13cm/5.11inch


Estella is a very popular premium real sex doll. she’s a college student who loves math and English, and she’s good at both! Thanks to her realistic facial details, her head is made of silicone material, which means it can be softened by hand to bend slightly, but the flexibility doesn’t compromise the durability in any way. Silicone is actually much sturdier than TPE or other synthetic materials, so this doll is perfect for anyone looking to buy it as a gift, because unlike TPE, which can tear if not handled carefully, Estella can withstand some sturdy snuggling without a problem. Her body is made of TPE, which helps make it soft and supple because it feels like skin when you touch it.TPE is also hypoallergenic, so anyone with sensitivities can enjoy this perfect budget-friendly love doll!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Nova

    Nova (verified owner)

    Wow, this thing is amazing. Looks great & feels better than I expected, incredible even, so close to the real thing it’s surprising.I suggest a container for long term storage. Something like a large SKB box works for me.

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  2. Brayden

    Brayden (verified owner)

    Good quality, fast shipping. Thank’s :))

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  3. Ira

    Ira (verified owner)

    Very pleased with item and service. Thank you

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  4. Randy

    Randy (verified owner)

    Nice but too heavy

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