Doll Measurements

  • Height : 132cm/4.33ft
  • Bust : 67cm/26.37inch
  • Waist : 52cm/20.47inch
  • Hips : 65cm/25.59inch
  • Weight:20.5kg/45.19lb
  • Arm Length :46cm/18.11inch
  • Leg Length : 61cm/24.01inch
  • Feet Length : 19cm/7.48inch
  • Shoulder Width :28cm/11.02inch
  • Mouth Depth :10cm/3.93nch
  • Vagina Depth :17cm/6.69inch
  • Anal Depth :15cm/5.90inch


If you’re looking for a premium real sex doll in high demand, then maybe it’s time to discover what makes Celia so special! Don’t be fooled by her short height and petite stature, because this little lady has a huge heart and an incredible appetite for unforgettable sex that will leave you breathless. Because Celia can be fully customized with different hair colors and styles, skin tones, eye colors (including some with green or blue sclera), multiple types of pubic hairstyles, and a host of available options, staying true to a specific fantasy or fetish is easier than ever.

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Marley

    Marley (verified owner)

    very accurate amaized loved it

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  2. Maybell

    Maybell (verified owner)

    Wow, this thing is amazing. Looks great & feels better than I expected, incredible even, so close to the real thing it’s surprising.

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  3. da greek freak nba champs 2021

    da greek freak nba champs 2021 (verified owner)

    Great quality. Super fast delivery

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  4. Liza


    The doll is nice, It does not have that TPE weird smell, but a sweet scense. Nice overall. Recommended store and dealer.

    1 0
  5. Holley

    Holley (verified owner)

    Suki is the best

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