Doll Measurements

  • Height : 128cm/4.19ft
  • Bust : 55cm/21.65inch
  • Waist : 52cm/20.47inch
  • Hips : 57cm/22.44inch
  • Weight:16kg/35.27lb
  • Arm Length :37cm/14.56inch
  • Leg Length : 58cm/22.83inch
  • Feet Length : 16cm/6.29inch
  • Shoulder Width :37cm/14.56inch
  • Mouth Depth :10cm/3.93nch
  • Vagina Depth :17cm/6.69inch
  • Anal Depth :15cm/5.90inch


Cecelia is a sweet, petite teenager who is ready to show you just how much she loves you! With a lovely face, plain A cups, and long brown hair, Cecelia has the look and feel of an angel. Whether you’re looking for a cute little girl or just want to spice up your love life, Cecelia will instantly become the lover who always makes room for the two of you in her schedule. What makes Cecelia different from all other ordinary sex dolls? With custom ultra-realistic materials and high-quality craftsmanship, she has many features that simulate a real human body, including a gorgeous body with a realistic face. Our team spent over 20 hours working on every detail to make sure it feels like more than just a doll …… She feels more like a lover! What are you waiting for? Take this little cutie home today!

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These Are Real Reviews From Shoppers

  1. Lewis


    Its exactly as described and portrayed. If this sells quick I will be buying more.

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  2. Zion

    Zion (verified owner)

    I would wish to give him a 5star high praise. The doll is formed of TPE, with beautiful makeup and good figure proportion. he’s an oriental beauty. the customer has also given many gifts and can pip out next time

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  3. Gus

    Gus (verified owner)

    This is pretty great. Just like a rea person. But be prepared for quite a workout. She is heavy. Make sure to use lubricant and baby powder for the best experience.

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  4. Julissa

    Julissa (verified owner)

    Thank You very much! Goods reached quickly and match the description! Case cool!

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  5. Julio

    Julio (verified owner)

    Delivery was very fast. The

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  6. Filomena

    Filomena (verified owner)

    Good store , you can find the real realistic sex doll at the best price. Top quality and details such as hands, fingers, toe, orifices are impressive making the doll look as a real woman.

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